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Home at Five is joining forces with Ginnys

Home at Five is joining forces with Ginny's

After many years, we will be discontinuing the Home at Five catalog and website.

As the parent company of Home at Five, Ginny's has always shared the same home goods, guarantee and customer service goals. Read more about Ginny and the team here and our mission to help you create unforgettable moments with your family and friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Home at Five closing?

Ginny's has always been the parent company of Home at Five. The Ginny's team developed products for Home at Five and sold them at Ginny's too. We are simply not creating a separate catalog or Website for the Home at Five brand anymore. Employees who worked for Home at Five will now be dedicating all of their time to Ginny's

Do I have to pay my Home at Five Bill?

Yes, you are still responsible for your Home at Five credit balance. You can continue to pay your bill online if you chose to. (Click the "Pay my Bill" button above.)

Does Ginny's offer the same products as Home at Five

Yes, and then some! You will still find the same categories of products in the Ginny's catalog and on the Ginny's Website.

When will my current or new payments be due?

  • If you currently have a balance on your Home at Five account and are requesting to switch it to a new Ginny's account, your payments will be due 30 days after your account transfer takes place.
  • If you already have a Ginny's account and are merging your Home at Five and Ginny's accounts together, your payments will be due on the same day your Ginny's payments are now due.
  • If you choose to not merge your Home at Five and Ginny's credit balances, your payments will be due at the same time and will remain the same amount. Your account will be closed when your last payment is made.

If I transfer my account, will my new payments be more or less?

If your home at five Home at five account balance is combined with your Ginny's account balance, your new combined payment will likely be lower than paying on two separate accounts. In some cases your Ginny's payment will remain the same.

If I transfer my account, when will I see my new balance, payment and/or available credit?

You will see your new balance and available credit on your next mailed Ginny's account statement.

What if I am behind on a payment, can I still merge accounts or open a new Ginny's account?

If you are late on a payment for either account, we will still process your transfer request work with you to get your payments up to date.

Where should I send product returns for Home at Five?

Please send returns to:
Home at Five
Attn: Customer Returns
2000 Harrison Dr. Suite 100
Clinton, IA 52732-6676

Read more about returning items here.

What if I have more questions?

You can call customer service at 866-543-6987