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Bath towel sets for drying off in style

Nothing feels better than a warm, fluffy bath towel after a relaxing shower; shop our bath towel sets to get that feeling every day. Our towel sets come in a variety of colors so it’s easy to find your favorite personal palette. Looking for gentle pastel colors or interested in bolder jewel tones? Prefer patterns and stripes in your towels? Find all these options and more! With a soft cotton feel and great absorbency, drying off may become your new favorite part of the day.

How to Wash Your Bath Towels

In order to get maximum absorbency and fluffiness, wash your bath towels before first use to wash off any silicone finishes. Add a cup of vinegar in the first wash to ensure that colored towels stay bright. When you’re regularly washing towels, make sure to wash towel sets at least once a week with half the amount of recommended detergent and no fabric softener: fabric softener builds up and makes towels less absorbent over time. Dry them on a low heat setting, or let them air dry so the fibers don’t fry. Finally, if your bath towels get musty, wash them through two cycles: the first with a cup of white vinegar, and the second with a half cup of baking soda. For more on washing bath towels, check out the Ginny’s Blog!