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Bring the county fair home with our high-quality deep fryers

Deep fried chicken, funnel cakes, onion rings, cheese curds—the possibilities are endless with our selection of high-powered deep fryers for your home. Choose based on size, color, or number of baskets. There’s no such thing as “too picky” when you have so many options! Start off with a small deep fryer as you learn the ropes, or use an electric deep fryer for an easy and safe frying experience. From outdoor fryers to double deep fryers, get ready for your personal fry day with Ginny’s.

Ginny's Brand Quality Fryers and Small Deep Fryers

Looking for a high-quality, colorful deep fryer that looks great on any table or countertop? Look no further than the Ginny’s Brand fryers. We offer an incredible selection of color, as well as powerhouse heating elements and cool touch handles for safety. Not cooking for many people? We carry small deep fryers as well for a more manageable deep frying experience. Try deep frying with Ginny’s—you’ll be hooked!

Deep Fryer Recipes

There are lots of deep fryer recipes on the Ginny’s Blog, from Crab Rangoon to homemade potato chips. The Wisconsin Deep Fried Cheese Curds Recipe is a particular favorite; with just a few ingredients and a great deep fryer, delicious fried cheese curds are yours!