Sewing & Ironing

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Take care of your clothes with portable sewing machines and irons

Iron clothes and mend patches easily with our irons, portable sewing machines, and steamers. Find the perfect iron for you from our wide variety of models. Discover irons with nonstick plates, easy temperature control, and precision tips, as well as powerful bursts of steam that are perfect for ironing clothes and cleaning curtains. And whether you’re interested in hemming, mending, or large-scale sewing projects, our sewing machines will help you get the job done. Our portable sewing machines make transportation easy, so you can get projects done anywhere in the house. Plus, our Ginny's Credit plan means that you can take care of your closet and your budget.

Tips for Ironing Clothes

Ironing clothes can transform wrinkled shirts and crumpled slacks into crisp, clean outfits. However, ironing is rarely on the top of anyone’s “Favorite Chore” list. Luckily, we have a few tips that can make ironing easier, faster, and more effective.

First, get the temperature right: silks and synthetics should be ironed on low to medium heat, wool on medium to high, and cotton and linens at high heat. Every time you need to adjust temperature, let the iron sit for a few minutes for maximum efficiency. Iron dark clothes inside-out so that black and dark fabrics don’t get an unwanted shininess. Additionally, you should always move the iron in a straight, back-and-forth direction as opposed to a circular motion. Moving a hot iron in circle can decrease the life of your clothes and distort the stretch of the fabric. Finally, keep your iron clean! Dip a cloth in a mixture of water and baking soda and wipe it over the cool iron plate, and then use Q-tips for any gunk left in the iron’s holes.

Sewing Machines for Every Sewing Project

Our portable sewing machines are a combination of classic and cutting edge. Explore machines with adjustable stitch width, multiple needle positions, adjustable presser foot pressure, and more handy tools. We carry simple sewing machines for beginners, as well as more advanced machines for experienced sewers. Whether you’re hemming pants or sewing entire wardrobes, we have the perfect sewing machine for you!