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Take a step into comfort with our bathroom rugs

Banish freezing tiles and cold feet with our soft bathroom rugs and cotton bathroom mat sets. Shower mats are also a great way to dry off your feet when you step out of the shower. No more worries about falling on slippery tiles! Use a bathroom rug as a statement piece in a white or neutral-colored bathroom; we carry bathroom rug sets in a rainbow of colors.

How to Wash Bathroom and Shower Mats

It’s important to wash bathroom and shower mats at least once a month; after all, they do collect hair and moisture in the bathroom, and it’s important to stay sanitary! Since most bathroom mats have a rubber underside, wash them separately from other clothes. Use cold water, and put two rugs at a time in the washing machine to keep the load balanced. Then, let them air dry; drying in the dryer could loosen the rubber backing from the rest of the bathroom mat. Now your shower mats are clean, fluffy, and ready for another month of use!