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Slice and dice quickly and safely with mini food processors & choppers

Save time and spare your fingers with our mini food processors & choppers. With their stainless-steel blades and multiple settings, they make it easy to slice, shred, mix, blend—pretty much anything you might want to do. From the ultimate cook’s appliance or a straightforward tool for dicing some veggies, there’s electric food choppers to fit your needs.

What’s the difference between a food processor and a food chopper? Well, choppers tend to be smaller. They generally have fewer pieces and fewer buttons, so they’re ideal for everyday use and won’t take up much space on the counter. They’re excellent for chopping fruits and vegetables evenly and are an ideal alternative to using a knife and cutting board.

On the other hand, food processors are a more elaborate kitchen appliance. They’re versatile, larger and can accomplish more kitchen tasks (for example, some can even knead dough). They're perfect for serious cooks and those who aspire to be one.

Shopping tip: when comparing food processors and choppers, first figure out what features and functions you’ll truly use to help guide your choice.