Food Processors & Choppers

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Food processors and food choppers for slicing, mixing, and more

Do it all in the kitchen with just one appliance. Our food processors and choppers have stainless steel blades and multiple settings that make it easy to slice, knead, shred, and more. Trusted brand names like Hamilton Beach and Ginny’s ensure that your appliance will be high quality. Whether you need the ultimate cook’s appliance or a tool to chop some apples, find it in our selection of food processors and choppers.

The Difference Between a Food Chopper and a Food Processor

Not quite sure which version best fits your needs—or wondering if you need both? We outlined the biggest differences between food choppers and food processors to make it easy to decide!

Choppers are smaller and use sharp blades to chop up and down or rotationally. They generally have fewer pieces and fewer buttons, so they’re ideal for every day use and won’t take up much space on the counter. They’re excellent for chopping fruits and vegetables evenly, and are great tools for people who don’t want to handle a knife.

Food processors are a much more heavy duty appliance. They’re versatile, larger than a food chopper, and can do many kitchen tasks. Food processors use a chute in which food is passed through with a food pusher. It’s then sent into the clear plastic bowl, where the blades can mix, purée, chop, and more. Some can even knead dough. They quickly become a cook’s most invaluable tool!

Electric Skillet Recipes

Make breakfast with a twist using an electric skillet. Find out how to use an electric skillet to cook a Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Scramble on the Ginny's Blog. Life just got a little more delicious!

Blender Recipe Ideas

Ready to try out your new blender? We picked a few of our favorites from the Ginny’s Blog! Combine watermelon, lime, sugar, and water for a perfect summer Melon Refresher , or make Strawberry Punch by adding strawberries, crushed pineapple, and frozen lemonade to some ginger ale. Dreaming about dessert? Strawberries, milk, a teaspoon of vanilla and some strawberry ice cream create the perfect strawberry shake . Find more blender recipe ideas on our blog!

Vegetable Storage Bins

Don’t store vegetables in inconvenient pantries; keep them right at your fingertips with our vegetable bins. The cute designs and colors will fit right into the kitchen, and the bins are the perfect storage place for garlic, onions, or potatoes.

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