Electric Skillets

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Add an extra burner with an electric skillet

Your cooking space just got bigger with one of our quality electric skillets. Perfect for roasting, frying, grilling, and more, this versatile appliance is about to become your new best friend in the kitchen. Scramble eggs or fry chicken with ease; our nonstick skillets heat evenly in no time at all. Shop trusted brands like Ginny's or Presto electric skillets, and find your perfect match!

Benefits of an Electric Frying Pan

Why should you pull out the skillet instead of turning on the stove burner? Electric frying pans heat evenly without hot spots across the pan; they also maintain their temperature by themselves instead of needing to be constantly adjusted. Since skillets are larger than regular frying pans, it’s easy to cook more: make potatoes or eggs for eight people at one time! You can also cook multiple dishes at once by freeing up the stove for dishes that need a burner, such as soup. Find a small electric skillet if space is an issue, or use a large skillet if you’re cooking for a crowd.

Electric Skillet Recipes

Make breakfast with a twist using an electric skillet. Find out how to use an electric skillet to cook a Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Scramble on the Ginny's Blog. Life just got a little more delicious!

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