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For an instant extra burner, add a round electric skillet

If you need more cooking space, a round electric skillet is a smart, easy solution. Ideal for stir fries, stews, one-dish meals and more, an electric frying pan offers incredible versatility—and those with ceramic, nonstick cooking surfaces also allow for fast, easy clean up.

What are the advantages of using an electric skillet, versus a frying pan on a stove burner? Electric frying pans heat evenly without creating hot and cold spots, and they maintain steady temperatures, producing evenly-cooked dishes like clockwork. In addition, since ceramic electric skillets tend to be larger than regular fry pans, they’re ideal for making larger servings and feeding a bigger crew.

In fact, you'll love the convenience at holiday gatherings and parties, because that extra burner makes it easy to juggle multiple dishes and courses.

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