Hand & Stand Mixers

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Electric hand mixers and stand mixers that make baking easy

Cut down the time spent mixing, whipping, and folding with an electric hand or stand mixer from Ginny’s. It’s easy to pick the perfect electric mixer for your kitchen with our wide variety of models. Choose from various speed settings, stainless steel or glass bowls, and our many color options. We carry both stand and hand mixers so your kitchen is ready for every recipe.

Electric Mixers

Make life easier with an electric mixer. It moves through thick dough with ease and cuts mixing time down considerably. That leaves more time for you to relax and enjoy the baking process! Plus, a powerful electric food mixer will combine ingredients more thoroughly, reducing the risk of unsightly chunks in batter or dough.

Hand Mixer or Stand Mixer: What’s the Difference?

A hand mixer is a great first-kitchen item; it’s perfect for quick, easy mixing tasks. Hand mixers do an excellent job of creaming ingredients, making mashed potatoes, or whipping up cake batter. It can also be used in any size of bowl. A hand kitchen mixer is an incredibly functional appliances and a must-have basic item for every kitchen.

Stand mixers are a much more powerful appliance. Since they require less effort from you and usually have a higher wattage of power, they make it easy to mix thick dough. These kitchen mixers usually have a pre-set mixing motion and don’t need to be held. Now, you can work on other food preparation or clean up while it mixes. Stand mixers are a great item for people who bake more frequently, bake for larger amounts of people, or who bake thicker dough like bread.

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