Sofas & Futons

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Futon sofas and loveseats for comfortable and versatile seating

Choose a plush faux-leather sofa that you can sink into at the end of a long day. Our futon sofas combine design and functionality. They’re stylish furniture pieces and easily fold out to host overnight guests. Find the perfect convertible sofa or loveseat for your living room without worrying about your budget!

Futon Sofas: From Sofa to Guest Bed

Futon sofas are excellent choices for those who often entertain guests or host family and friends from out of town. A convertible sofa transitions seamlessly from the biggest statement piece in your living room to a comfortable guest bed. Try a neutral-toned sofa and pile it with mismatched accent pillows. Or, let a brightly colored futon stand alone as a pop of excitement. At night, simply fold it down and bring out the blankets for a perfect guest bed!