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Yard games for entertaining all ages

From outdoor pools to croquet, discover yard games and other outdoor party games that will have everyone laughing and enjoying themselves! Do the kids love water? Our inflatable outdoor pools are easy to set up, easy to maintain, and easy to store during the off-season. Add a variety of swim accessories like pool loungers and watch the kids come up with their own fun yard games. You might even be tempted to join in! With our fun outdoor games, there won’t be a dull moment this summer!

Outdoor Party Games

Entertain kids and adults alike at your next family gathering or outdoor party with these fun outdoor party games. If you have a bandana or some rope, you can host a three-legged race. Divide everyone into pairs, have them stand side-by-side, and then tie their inside legs together. The first pair to the finish line wins! For extra fun, add obstacles to the race course or make them complete tasks (like push ups or jumping jacks) before they can finish the race. You can also make your own ring toss game with empty glass bottles and several metal bracelets or plastic rings. Simply create a four-by-four bottle square on top of a box or a stand, and have players toss the bracelets onto the bottles for an easy outdoor party game. Finally, if you have an old tarp lying around, you can host “passing practice” right in your backyard. Cut out four or five large squares and diamonds in the tarp of different sizes, line the edges with duct tape, and give each square a different point value. Then string the tarp up between two trees, grab a football, and let the outdoor party games begin!