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Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

As summer gets closer, we’ve come up with a handful of tips for the perfect family photo. After all, late spring and summer is the season for family reunions and barbecues, and we all want to be able to appreciate moments spent with loved ones. What better way to remember a wonderful day than with a great photo? However, it sometimes seems impossible to get the perfect shot: no one will stand still, smiles and poses can look forced, and the light is never quite right. With a few helpful tips for the perfect family photo, though, all your picture woes will be gone! You’ll be left with dozens of snapshots that capture your family at its best.

Six people wearing green family reunion T-shirts grouped together, with one holding a selfie stick for a group photo.

Let personalities shine through

If you have silly kids, goofy uncles, or practical pranksters in the family, let them show off their unique personalities! Stiffly smiling can look unnatural and forced, especially in kids who love making funny faces or laughing. It may be “imperfect,” but that’s where the best memories come from.

Not everyone has to face the camera

Sometimes the best moments happen when people aren’t looking at the camera. Two kids teasing each other or an old married couple glancing into each other’s eyes can make a much better photo than a photo that’s too posed. Try to catch a few candid shots before everyone has set up for the more formal photo; you may find that these early shots before everyone is grinning at the camera are the ones you love the most!

Take photos at dusk

Take a note from professional photographers and take your family photos at dusk. The low, golden light from the sun will be coming sideways, giving the photo just enough light without being overbearing or too bright.

Try family t-shirts

Make your family reunion something truly special to remember with personalized matching t-shirts. In photos, you’ll look like a cohesive family, and then everyone will have a memento to remember the reunion by!

Use height to add visual interest

Don’t just have everyone stand in a straight line; stagger everyone’s heads for a more interesting picture! Have some people sit while others stand, and make diagonal lines instead of lines that just go straight across.

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