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Family Reunion Activities

Come up with a list of fun family reunion activities and everyone, from old to young, will have a blast! These family reunion games are perfect for all ages and are a great way to break up the day. You only need a handful of basic household items to come up with a fun schedule of family activities that will keep people entertained through the day! And remember to schedule your family reunion activities for before the meal so no one feels too full to participate.

A man, woman, and four children in yellow Family Reunion T-shirts, outside with a karaoke machine.

Beanbag Toss

The favorite game of tailgates is also a great choice for family reunion activities. All you need is two boards (you could even make one yourself with two plywood boards with holes cut out at the top!) and bean bags in two different colors. It travels well and can be set up anywhere; plus, everyone from Grandma to the littlest cousin will be able to take part in the fun.

Lawn Twister

Create a fun and temporary game of Twister on your lawn with just a few cans of spray paint! Get four different colors of contractors spray paint, which is paint that will quickly wash off your lawn. Spray four rows in each different color of six circles each. Then you’re done! Just have someone call out different combinations of hands and colors until the first person falls over, and then the next, until only one is left standing. Kids will love it, and even goofy adults will have a blast.

Tug of War

Tug of War is a family reunion favorite for a reason: it’s fun, easy, and a blast! You just need a long, solid rope and some white tape to mark off the center of the rope and then 8 feet on either side of the center. Divide up the family any way you like and start pulling! For extra fun, put the center of the rope over a sprinkler; the team who loses will get a little bit of a soaking!

Who Am I?

For a game that requires a little less running around, try Who Am I? You just need sticky notes and a pen; write down everyone’s name at the reunion on a piece of paper, and then randomly pass them around. Everyone will choose a name without looking at it, and put it on their forehead. Then, they have to walk around asking yes/no questions like “Am I tall?” or “How many kids do I have?” to try to figure out which family member they are!

Plastic Bottle Bowling

Save those large soda bottles over the year and use them for plastic bottle bowling at the next family reunion. You’ll need a large ball, 10 plastic bottles with caps, and some water. Simply fill the plastic bottles about two inches full of winter to give them some weight and balance, and set them up outside in a triangle pattern like real bowling. Then just hand the kids a ball and let them have fun!

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