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Ideas for a Simple Family Reunion

There’s nothing more important than family. Having a family reunion is a great opportunity to catch up with those you don’t see often, rehash old memories and create new ones.  We have some ideas to help guide this year’s family reunion along smoothly and without one family member doing all the work.

A smiling African-American family in red Family Reunion T-shirts, sitting at a picnic table filled with food.

Bring a Dish to Pass

Making food for an entire family can be a huge task.  Ask each family to bring a dish to pass to help be sure there is enough food for everyone without spending the entire week before in the kitchen.

Dish to Pass Recipes

We have some simple recipes on our website that would be great for a family reunion dish to pass. Follow the links below to check some of them out!

Table Service

For family reunion picnics, ask that each family provides their own table service; plates, forks, knives, spoons, bowls, cups.  Cleanup is easy and everyone is responsible for their own items.


These days, schedules fill up quickly – especially during the summer.  Help everyone plan ahead for the Family Reunion by having it the same weekend every year.  For example, schedule the reunion for the first Saturday in August every year.


If your family reunion is somewhere that requires a rental fee, ask for a donation or collection from each family for the next year’s fee.

Family Pictures

Capture the memories by asking someone to take pictures throughout the day.  Each year, display the pictures from the previous years to see how things have changed. Also, you can take pictures of each individual family every year. It’s fun to see how every family grows.

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We hope you have a great reunion this year and would love to hear your ideas and stories.  Also, don’t forget to like us on Facebook!

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Hope you all have a great time. Lady & Sons is a place I’d love to see. I have a family reunion on Saturday. Still not sure what I will make. There were two others I had to miss.

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