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Non-Toxic Tie Dyed Easter Eggs

Tie Dying Easter eggs with your kids and grand kids sounds so difficult and stressful, especially thinking about having mugs full of dye sitting around. Someone always manages to spill a mug of dye, and something unintentionally gets dyed. Rest assured, there is an easier way.

Try using whipped topping and food coloring this year!

A dozen white eggs in a muffin pan, white vinegar, whipped topping, paper plates, and paper towels on a counter.

Tie Dyed Dyed Easter Eggs

Paper Plate
Sandwich Bags
8-ounce container of Whipped Topping
Small Cookie Sheet
Food Coloring
Glass of Vinegar
Paper Towels
One Dozen cooled Hard Cooked* Eggs

*Instead of hard boiling eggs, we baked ours at 325°F for 30 minutes.

Step 1:
Dip each egg in the glass of vinegar and set aside to dry.

A single cooked egg in the shell sitting in a clear glass filled with white vinegar.

Step 2:
While vinegar is trying, spread whipped topping onto cookie sheet and sprinkle with drops of food coloring. Add drops of different colors to whipped topping to get multicolored eggs.

A baking pan filled with whipped topping, with green food color puddles on top.

Step 3:
Use a toothpick to swirl food coloring into whipped topping to make a design.

A baking pan filled with whipped topping, with green food color swirls cut in.

Step 4:
Finish drying vinegar off of the eggs with a paper towel and roll each egg in the whipped topping, making sure to cover it with spots of food coloring.

A white cooked egg in the shell, partially covered with a swirled whipped topping and green food coloring mixture.

*Avoid colored fingers by using a sandwich bag as a makeshift glove!

A dozen white eggs in shells placed in a muffin pan that is on a rack in an oven.

Step 5:
Place eggs on a paper plate to dry.

Six cooked eggs in the shell on a paper plate, covered with a mixture of green food coloring and whipped topping.

Step 6:
Once whipped topping is dry, wipe each egg clean with a paper towel.

A dozen eggs swirled with different colors, placed in a muffin pan.

Refrigerate eggs until it’s time for the Easter bunny to come!

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