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Bake Like the Boss Sweepstakes – The Grand Prize Trip and Winners

A burgundy and gold awning and sign for Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop, Since 1910.

The Sweepstakes

We recently sponsored the Bake Like a Boss Sweepstakes with Meyer Corporation. The sweepstakes had 14 great prizes, with the grand prize being a special Cake Boss tour package.  We are very happy to announce that the winners have been announced and the grand prize winner, Guillermo B., of Miami, Florida has been on his once in a lifetime tour of the Lackawana Center, where TLC’s Cake Boss and the Next Great Baker are filmed.

Ginny, a man and a girl in a bakery, wearing white Carlo's Bake Shop aprons.
Ginny, Michelle (Guillermo’s Daughter), and Guillermo (the Grand Prize winner)

The Grand Prize Winner

Guillermo, the grand prize winner, got to pick one guest to bring with him on a once in a lifetime adventure. He chose his 12 year old daughter, Michelle. Michelle was over the moon excited. She has seen all seasons and episodes of TLC’s Cake Boss and can name all of the family members. In January, Michelle and Guillermo met Ginny, Cailey, and Jenny from the sweepstakes sponsor team in New Jersey for a private tour of the Lackawana Center. The Lackawana Center is where TLC’s “Cake Boss” and “Next Great Baker” shows are filmed and all of the cakes and delicious bakery treats are made for all of the Carlo’s Bakeries. While at the Lackawana Center, they were also taught the ropes of cake decorating in a private cake decorating class led by Gabby. Their decorating class was the last before the new season of TLC’s “The Next Great Baker” began filming.

Private Tour

During the private tour, Guillermo and Michelle got to see where all of the beautiful cake creations are developed, baked, and decorated.

A man in glasses and a girl holding sweet rolls in a bakery, by layered cakes decorated with fondant icing.

Private Cake Decorating Class

Guillermo and Michelle’s private cake decorating class was taught by Gabby. Gabby is a Cake Boss cake decorator and super talented. She taught them how to make simple flowers, bows, zebra print, fondant animals, and even the really cute quilting pattern.

A smiling man, woman, and girl with two blue layer cakes and white fondant icing.
Michelle, Gabby, and Guillermo
A bakery employee in a red smock showing a man and a girl how to make fondant roses.
Gabby showing Michelle and Guillermo how to make a rose.
Ginny, a man and a girl in a bakery, wearing white Carlo's Bake Shop aprons and enjoying slices of cake.
Everyone took a “cake break” before getting started on their own decorating
A girl in a Carlo's Bake Shop apron wrapping blue fondant over a layer cake.
Michelle working on her cake
A man in glasses at a bakery table, decorating a layer cake with blue fondant icing.
Guillermo adding a bow to his cake
Ginny, a brunette woman, placing white fondant paw print cutouts on the side of a blue layer cake.
Ginny working on the dog for the top of her cake
A man in glasses watches as a girl in a bakery squeezes white icing around the bottom of a blue layer cake.
Michelle adding a butter cream border
Ginny, a man, and a girl show off how they decorated their blue fondant layer cakes with white accents.
Ginny, Michelle, and Guillermo with their finished cakes

 Visiting Carlo’s Bakery

After the private tour and cake decorating class, Guillermo and Michelle got to visit Carlo’s Bakery and pick out some delicious treats to take home and share with their friends and family. It was a great experience to see where all of the beautiful baked goods came from, and where they ended up, as well as the excitement at Carlo’s Bakery!

A man and a girl outside Carlo's Bake Shop, holding a shopping bag of goodies.
Michelle and Guillermo outside of Carlo’s Bakery on a beautiful January New Jersey afternoon.
A man and a girl hugging in a bakery, surrounded by cakes, cookies, and other bakery items.
Waiting for their delicious treats in Carlo’s Bakery

First and Second Prize Winners

There were also several first and second prize winners in the Bake Like a Boss Sweepstakes. First place winners won $100 in Cake Boss Cakeware while second place winners received an autographed Cake Boss Cookbook!

First Prize Winners
Cathy P., – Grands Pass, OR
Nicole T., – Fort Wayne, IN
Susanne L., – Radcliff, KY

Second Prize Winners
Marjorie P., – Donelson, TN
Linda E., – Astoria, NY
Amy C., – Las Vegas, NV
Laci W., – Midland, MI
Dick B., – Venango, PA
Judy M., – Clifton Park, NY
Amy B., – Gig Harbor, WA
Linda M., – Elkton, MD
Yasuko J., – Rock Tavern, NY
Amanda D., – Crowley, TX

Thank you to everyone that entered our Bake Like the Boss Sweepstakes! Stay tuned for more exciting chances to win great prizes on our Facebook Page and at!

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