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Make Your Own Jumbo Jenga Set

Sometimes a party needs a little more “umph.”  Excited party-goers need something to get them up and moving, and to break the ice for guests that maybe haven’t met before. Traditional ice breakers can be embarrassing and make party-goers a little uncomfortable. Think about how many times you have been to a bridal or baby shower and it comes time for the dreaded games. How many wedding dresses have you made out of toilet paper, and how many times have you identified melted candy bars in diapers?

Five people at an event, with one woman pulling a wood block from a stacked Jumbo Jenga game.

Have you ever tried making life size versions of popular board games to use at your next party? Cailey, our social media analyst, got married in August 2013. She wanted to make sure her reception guests had something to keep them occupied besides the bar and the dance floor. Her husband, James, created a life size Jumbo Jenga set and it was a hit!

The Jumbo Jenga set would work great for graduation and birthday parties too! It pulled all of the guests up from their tables and got them talking to everyone at the reception, not just the seven other guests at their table.

Jumbo Jenga Set

You will need:
Eight, 8-foot pieces of 2”x4” lumber
protective eye wear
large storage tub

Cut 10.5-inch blocks from each piece of lumber. Remember to measure and cut each piece individually to account for the saw width and cut. Also don’t forget to wear protective eyewear!

When set up, you will need 69 blocks for a 23 story tower, each tower being three blocks wide. You’ll have a few extra blocks in case some get lost. Store blocks in a large plastic storage tub when not being played with.

You can choose to paint the blocks, but please keep in mind that paint will make the blocks sticky and hard to slide.

Do you have any other ideas for life size games? We would love to hear them!

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