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Magic Reindeer Food Recipe

A clear glass bowl of Reindeer Food, next to a red plate of cookies and a glass of milk.

Experience the joy of Christmas with the kids this year with a magic reindeer food recipe. This super easy, three ingredient recipe isn’t for people–it’s for reindeer! You can tell the kids that the magic reindeer food recipe will help guide Santa’s reindeer to your house. Shake up a batch and sprinkle it in the yard for a glittery, festive, and fun activity.

1/3 c. uncooked oatmeal
1/3 c. sugar
1/2 c. red or green sugar crystals

  1. Combine everything together in a bag or an empty container and shake, shake, shake!

Take the kids out into the yard and have them sprinkle the magic reindeer food all over the yard. They can make paths for the reindeer to follow from the street to the front door, or even make cool patterns. When the kids are done sprinkling the food, have them read this poem out loud to let the reindeer know that they’re welcome.

Reindeer Food Poem

Sprinkle on the lawn at night
The moon will make it sparkle bright
As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam,
This will guide them to our home.

Another benefit? What the reindeer don’t eat, the birds certainly will over the next few days!


Comments (9)

Linda M Mitchell

Thanks Merry Christmas

Debbie Whalen Rader

Thank u so much for the best customer service i will be doing alot of business with ur company happy holidays and have a wonderful new years

Edith Wells

This is way totally Cool… Love this recipe. Kids are loving it…


That’s so cute love it!!


Merry Christmas to You All too! And a Very Happy New Year!


Thank You!! Hope it’s okay for Squirrels also because they are in and out of my trees all the time; I enjoy watching them both.
A very Merry and Safe Christmas to each and every one of You and Yours!


Have a great Christmas Eve and a Happy New Year!!to all

Janet Bouchard

Such A Cute Idea !!!! Love It..

Deborah Edwards

Instead of using colored sugar I replace it with colorful glitter.

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Published on Dec 15 2015

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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