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How to Prepare a Guest Room

With the holidays right around the corner, are you wondering how to prepare a guest room for friends and family? It’s important to create a clean, comfortable space while guests temporarily make your home their home! However, preparing a room shouldn’t be a time-consuming, stressful experience either. Follow these simple rules on how to prepare a guest room, and you’ll be ready to host in no time!

A comforter set with a patchwork look of Christmas themes, a blonde Lab Retriever, and a live decorated tree.

Do a little cleaning

Let’s face it: the guest bedroom is probably not sitting untouched during the rest of the year. We use our guest rooms for storage, crafts, a kids’ area, and more–what’s the point of an empty room? But when guests do come into town, it’s time to move bins into the garage, the crafts table into the basement, and the kids’ toys into neat (or at least hidden) baskets in their room. Vacuum and dust so your guests have a clean place to sleep!

Get out the air mattress or make up the bed

Get out the air mattress before the guests arrive so there’s less to worry about once they’re in your living room. Do you have a designated guest bed? Make sure the sheets and comforter are clean and smelling fresh.

Stockpile blankets and pillows

Make sure your guests are extra comfortable; provide them with lots of blankets and pillows so that they can stay cozy and warm through the coldest nights. If it looks like a warm Christmas, provide them with a small fan as well so they have more control over the temperature.

Set out some magazines and books

Sometimes it can be hard getting to sleep in a strange place. Give your guests some reading materials so they can entertain themselves if the insomnia kicks in or they want to unwind before sleeping. Want to add a few more helpful extras? A table lamp, an alarm clock, and a box of tissues can all help a guest feel a little more at home.

Add a few finishing touches

A few holiday decorations will make your guests feel truly at home! Set up a small tree, string up some Christmas lights, or wrap some empty boxes in wrapping paper and set them in a corner of the room. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort!


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