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Hosting the Perfect Family Reunion

Six people wearing green family reunion T-shirts grouped together, with one holding a selfie stick for a group photo.

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about hosting the perfect family reunion. Coordinating a fun family reunion can seem intimidating but with a little pre-planning and preparation, hosting the perfect event can be a breeze. It’s all about the right family reunion activities, picnic tips to keep food safe and bacteria-free, and tips for taking the right pictures for memories that will last a lifetime. We’ve come up with three handy articles that will help you host the perfect family reunion.

Family Reunion Picnic Tips

Family Reunion Picnic Feature

For your next get-together with relatives, try a family reunion picnic! When you eat outside, there’s no need to worry about finding enough space or cleaning up messes. Plus, on a beautiful summer day, it offers something for everyone; people can relax in the shade, play Frisbee or football, or take a brief walk after lunch! However, when it comes to storing and serving food outside, there are a couple of planning and safety measures to keep in mind. After all, storing food improperly can result in food poisoning, which will put a damper on everyone’s day in the park.  Read our family reunion picnic tips for safety and preparedness so you can enjoy your picnic without worry!

Family Reunion Activities

Family Reunion Games Feature

Come up with a list of fun activities and everyone, from old to young, will have a blast! These games are perfect for all ages and are a great way to break up the day. You only need a handful of basic household items to put together a fun schedule of family activities and keep people entertained through the day! And remember to schedule your family reunion activities at the right time so no one feels too full to participate or too hungry to enjoy the fun games you have put together. Host a family reunion and make sure everyone has a great time!

Tips for the Perfect Family Photo

Family Reunion Perfect Photo Tips Feature

Don’t forget to capture those memories! We’ve come up with a handful of tips for the perfect family photo. What better way to remember a wonderful day than with a great photo? Children grow older from year to year and it’s fun to look back at how everyone changes and your family grows. However, it sometimes seems impossible to get the perfect shot: no one will stand still, smiles and poses can look forced, and the light is never quite right. With a few helpful tips for the perfect family photo, though, all your picture woes will be gone! You’ll be left with dozens of snapshots that capture your family at its best.

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Lou Turrey

Thanks for the tips. Will save for our reunion.

C. Brown

I need operating instructions for the Ginny icemaker

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Published on Mar 22 2016

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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