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I Believe I Can Fry

We took song titles, replaced a word with fry/fried/frying, then drew them as image puzzles.

Can you work out all ten?

A tiger stands at a deep fryer while Rocky looks on.

Three large girls are standing. Two small girls are holding frying pans.

Two doves are lowering fries into a purple fryer. An arrow points at a clock.

People labelled Tina and Arge were about to start frying but are being told to stop.

Chicken in hot cooking oil flows past a frying pan and into the distance.

Roy Orbison uses a deep fryer above a letter U

A sign with a red line through a female symbol, another with a red line through a fryer basket.

Astronaut on a lunar mission has chicken in a deep fryer.

Someone’s arms cradle chicken and fries.

Arwen from the Lord of the Rings films holds a plate of french fries. One has a LET sign stuck in it.