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Mexican Cuisine Guide

Mexican Cuisine Guide


What is a Quesadilla?

Soft tortilla filled with a cheesy center and sometimes contains meats and other fillings, then folded in half and cooked on the stove or griddle. Quesadillas are often served with red or green salsa, diced white onion, and guacamole.

Soft Tortilla Taco-

What is Soft Tortilla Taco?

Soft tortilla tacos are the backbone of a delicious and easy Mexican Dinner.
While like a Quesadilla, the soft tortilla taco contains grilled or fried marinated meat of your liking, topped with diced white onions, and minced cilantro. All delicious contents are then folded in half with a small soft corn tortilla.


What is a Burrito?

Burritos are the larger versions of a taco, generally a very large flour tortilla. Burritos usually consist of beans, cilantro rice, your choice of marinated meat and leafy vegetables. The filling is then wrapped and served with red or green salsa, guacamole, or sour cream.


What Is a Tostada?

Opposite to its relatives the soft tortilla Taco & Burrito, a Tostada is usually made with a fried corn tortilla, topped with warm creamy refried beans, salsa, your choice of meat, and your other favorite toppings. Anything that can go in a taco or burrito can also go on a tostada, you can have steak tostadas, fish & shrimp tostadas, shredded chicken tostadas, or ground beef tostadas.


What is a Chilaquiles?

Similar to the Tostada, Chilaquiles are fried corn tortillas cut into quarters, then cooked in salsa and sprinkled with Mexican cheese. Chilaquiles are often served with eggs and a side of beans making it the prefect Mexican style breakfast.


What is an Enchilada?

A corn tortilla similar to Chilaquiles & Tostadas except a soft tortilla. An Enchilada is a corn tortilla filled with meats, cheeses, and beans rolled up and covered with a savory white or red sauce then baked with Mexican cheese sprinkled on top. Cheesy & delicious!

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