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Easily Cut an Apple into Slices

A red apple next to a clear bowl of slender apple slices and a red-handled knife.

One of the most popular ways to slice an apple is to cut it right down the middle, cutting the apple in four or eight equal slices, then cutting the core of out of each slice.

Great news – We have found an easier and quicker way! Why spend extra time cutting the core out of each piece when you don’t have to.

Slicing an Apple


After washing and drying your apple, grab your favorite knife and make your first cut just off center from where the apple core would be.


Turn the apple one quarter of a turn and slice again, just off center of the core. Repeat this step until you only have a square core left.

DSC_0612Set the apple core aside and place each piece of apple, skin facing up, on the cutting board and slice as thinly or you would like.

This apple slicing method works well for making pies or apple crisp when you want the apples to be sliced thinly. It’s also great for snack time!


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From now on I will do it this way!!!

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Published on Jul 12 2014

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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