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Easy Bedroom Makeover

A Before view of a plain bedroom, and an After view with painted walls, a bright quilt set, wall decor, and a new nightstand.

If you’re looking to update your sleeping space, try one of these ideas for an easy bedroom makeover! A bedroom should be calming, relaxing, and a peaceful retreat at the end of the day. If it’s cluttered or outdated, it can hard to feel peaceful as you’re trying to get to sleep! These easy bedroom makeovers can make a big difference without much effort at all.

A full length mirror on a wood stand with a door that opens to access a jewelry armoire.

Declutter for a peaceful oasis

Clutter in the bedroom can lead to stress in a room that should be calming! Invest in a few simple furniture pieces for an easy bedroom makeover that will do double duty: they’re stylish and functional! Try a jewelry armoire to prevent necklaces and bracelets from getting tangled. A night stand with USB ports cuts down on long extension cords while also giving you a place for books and magazines. Finally, elegant and woven bureaus look wonderful in any bedroom while making it easy to put away clothes and keep those dreaded clothes piles off the floor!

After Makeover of a bedroom with a tufted headboard, rose and gold quilt, wood nightstand, and mirrored jewelry armoire.

Add a headboard and some beautiful bedding

For the ultimate easy bedroom makeover, add an upholstered headboard and some zen-like bedding. Headboards are surprisingly easy to install and will add instant elegance to your bed. Plus, upholstered headboards in beige or grey match any type of bedding, so you can continue to switch bedding out with the season!

Close-up of a person using a roller to paint a white wall a plum color.

Paint the walls

If you want to change the entire look of your bedroom, take a weekend to paint the walls! A simple color change can totally transform a room. Go from dark colors to a light shade of white or blue to open up the space and make it airy; or, try a dark blue for a calming, cozy color.

Spice colored grommet blackout curtains hung over a window, next to two floral wall canvases.

Try blackout curtains

Blackout curtains allow you to get a restful sleep no matter what time of day. They’re perfect for afternoon naps or homes near a lot of busy traffic. Plus, the right curtains can add drama and flair to your bedroom.

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If you are looking to add some bookshelves, one possible way to do so without taking up floor space would be to add some floating shelves. One other idea that I have seen is Built in shelves in the headboard.

I need help. I have a small bedroom with a queen size bed. Reading books and old furniture is what I like. Any suggestion.


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