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5 Must-Have Supplies for Bathroom Safety

A bath chair in a tub with a blue bath mat in the shape of a foot, with several suction cups for safety.

When it comes to bathroom safety, it can be hard to decide which products are necessary for a safe and secure home. After all, slipping and falling is all too easy in a wet bathroom! We’ve come up with a list of five must-have supplies for bathroom safety that will help your loved ones stay healthy and independent for a long time.

Get a grip with bath handles

Ultra Grip Bath Suction Pivot Handle - 61088 in post

Entering the shower can be one of the most slippery—and dangerous—activities in this bathroom. Use bath suction handles to ensure that getting into the shower is safe and easy! Strong suction cups hold tightly to shower walls, and an indicator button turns from red to green so that you know when the bath handle is properly secured to the wall.

Use a bath stool to take a seat for more bathroom safety

Bath Stool with Padded Rotating Seat - 452096 in post

Showering shouldn’t be a tiring time; bath stools reduce twisting and reaching in the shower, which leads to safer showering. A bath stool is a great choice for those with mobility issues, or those who don’t feel comfortable standing for long periods of time in a slippery area. Plus, a shelf just below the seat makes it easy to keep shampoo and soap within reach.

Add an elevated toilet seat

Elevated Toilet Seat - 61043 - in post

It’s much easier to sit down and get back up with an elevated toilet seat. A raised toilet seat adds height and eases the transition from standing to sitting. Choose a model with sturdy steel arms covered with foam and a plastic seat that easily locks into the toilet bowl for extra security and bathroom safety.

Minimize risk with transfer benches

Transfer Bench - 61053 - in post

Get into the shower with confidence using a transfer bench. A transfer bench minimizes the potential for accidents, as well as providing peace of mind and independence. Simply put two legs inside the tub and two sides outside the tub so that you can sit and easily swing into the shower! Make sure to find a transfer chair that can resist moisture and suction safely onto the floor.

Feel secure with a suctioned bath mat

bathmat feature

When you’re standing or moving around in the shower, make sure you’re feeling secure with a suctioned bath mat. Keep the bath mat under a bath seat, or use it for someone who is still mobile but wants a little extra comfort. For an extra bonus, pick a mat with massaging scrubbers and built-in pumice stone for a spa-like experience during every shower!


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Published on Jan 27 2016

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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