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10 Tips for Better Sleep

It’s the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. Have you made any? If you’ve made a health-related resolution like eating better or getting more exercise, consider another important aspect of health: sleep. Your sleep habits can impact all areas of your life, yet many people struggle to get the good sleep they need. Sometimes, a small change, like getting a new pillow or blocking outside light, can make a difference*. Here are a few simple tips for pleasant dreams:

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1. Get into a routine. Try going to bed and waking up at the same time each day–even on weekends.

2. If you can, avoid eating a few hours before bed. When your body’s busy digesting food, it can be harder to fall asleep.

3. Avoid alcohol right before bed. While alcohol can make you feel drowsy, it actually keeps you from sleeping as well as you could.

4. Exercise regularly. You don’t have to hit the gym–even going for a walk can get your blood pumping and benefit your sleep schedule.

5. Keep your room dark. Light affects your circadian rhythm–your internal “clock” that determines when you sleep and wake up. A dark room signals your body to get drowsy, while too much light can keep you from getting deep sleep.

6. Wake up without disturbing the last stages of sleep. Instead of a blaring alarm clock, try the Rise and Shine Natural Wake-Up Light–it gradually gets brighter for a gentle, natural wake-up call.

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7. Make your bed extra comfortable with high-quality sheets. Not only do they feel great, they’ll also last longer than lower-quality sheets. For example, our 400-thread count Egyptian Cotton sheet sets feel luxuriously soft and smooth and turn your bed into a cozy retreat.

8. Upgrade your pillow. A flat or lumpy pillow can keep you tossing and turning all night. Try a pillow made for the way you sleep: if you sleep on your side, a plump, supportive pillow can give you proper neck support, and if you sleep on your back, a soft yet cushiony pillow can cradle your head. Sensorpedic Dual Comfort Jumbo Pillow has a firmer side and a softer side, so you can customize it for the way you sleep.

sensorpedic memory loft supreme topper

9. Improve your mattress with a mattress topper. It adds an extra layer of comfort and support to your bed. This is a great idea if you’d like a better mattress, but don’t want to spend that much money right now. For example, Sensorpedic 2″ Supreme Mattress Topper covers your bed with a combination of memory foam and fiber fill to cradle your body in comfort.

10. Get some fun, cozy bedding that you’ll enjoy using. Choose a playfully patterned set like one of these Complete Bed Sets to make your bed beautiful AND comfortable. While this won’t necessarily help you sleep, it will create a sleep environment that you’ll look forward to spending time in!

*Note that sleep problems may be linked to other health issues–talk to your doctor if you’re concerned.

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I sleep very well. I put my head on the pillow and out, it my pilloy moves

does ginnys carrie measlicers or vegtable cuter like a mandolin sicer

Hello Renee,

We carry a food slicer. You can find it here: Let us know if we can help you with anything else. 🙂

-The Ginny’s Team

You also awesome I love you all is well quality is in everything I am enjoying it so much thank you

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