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Compression Sock Benefits

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There are many compression sock benefits that can leave you feeling healthier, happier, and ready to face the day. Compression socks improve the blood flow in your legs, which leads to many health benefits. Plus, the right socks are also gorgeous and fun to wear. Discover patterns for every outfit so you can be stylish and comfortable. Keep reading for more about the benefits of compression socks; you’ll see that they aren’t just a fun fashion statement! We also cover basic questions, including how to put them on and caring for the socks.

Compression sock benefits: reduces swelling, revives tired legs, and more

Compression socks squeeze your legs and help move blood up from your feet and ankles towards the rest of your leg. This keeps blood from pooling around your lower legs and therefore reduces swelling, aching feelings, and even blood clots. If you have varicose veins, spider veins, or have swelling or aching feelings in your legs when you stand, compression socks may be the right choice for you. In order to get the full benefits of compression socks, wear them all day to help the blood move up your legs as you stand an move around.

How to put on compression socks

Since compression socks are so tight, they can be difficult to put on; luckily, with a few simple tricks, learning how to put on compression socks can be easy.

First, make sure to put on your socks right after you get out of bed in the morning, when there is the least swelling in your legs. We also recommend rolling the top of the stocking all the way down to the heel, so you can roll up the sock instead of having to pull on multiple layers of fabric. Put your foot into the sock and gently roll up the sock over your heel; then, slowly unroll the bunched-up part of the sock over the rest of the leg. Smooth out any wrinkles, and you’re ready to face the day! If you find you have difficulty putting on compression socks even with this method, try putting lotion on your legs before you roll up the socks.

How to maintain compression socks

While compression socks are a fairly low-maintenance form of home healthcare, it’s still important to take good care of them! Since they are socks, aim to wash them each day or every other day with soap and water and let them air dry over night while you sleep. Ideally, try to have two or more pairs of compression socks so you can alternate pairs. Finally, replace your compression socks every three to eight months so that your socks can maintain the tightness and support they need to help reduce swelling in your legs.

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Wayne Reiner

What size do the plus size fit? My calf is 22 inches a round. Need more info, please

Jackie C.

I was wanting to order these socks. But, wondered if it would raise my monthly payments? I would like to get a bunch of them. Can u please let me know.


how big are plus size


I drive for a living, 12 hour shifts, and although I do stretch and move my legs, ankles and toes regularly, I experience swelling in the warmer months especially. Would compression socks help with this?


I have three pairs of Compression Stockings from Ginny’s. And this ad reminds me to order three more! They reduce my swelling and relieve my fear of blood clots! Thanks!

Myrna Rodney

Great information I need to pass this on to my Daughter in law she has problems with her legs at times thanks, now all I need is her email to send it to her! lol

Lydia Rivera

Why are they not in one solid neutral colors?

Tami Park - Mercier

I’d loved to have some of those socks, but can afford them if my monthly payment goes up. Please help with this question, thanks Tami.


I have perforated disks in my lower lumbar and the L5 is resting on a nerve. This causes extreme and constant pain that shoots down my legs. Would these socks help.

The Ginny's Team

Hello Karen,

Our compression socks aid in circulation, help reduce fluid retention and can decrease leg fatigue, aching feet and swollen ankles. Give them a try!
Here’s the link to see the compression socks we offer:

The Ginny’s Team

Rita Flynt

I would like to purchase a couple pair are them stocking I do Lots of walking and standing

The Ginny's Team

Hello Rita!

You can find our compression socks here:

The Ginny’s Team

Audrey Batiste

Need some of those compression sock
My feet and ankles swell all the time
And I need black and white and red.thanks

The Ginny's Team

Hello Audrey,

Check out our compression socks here!

The Ginny’s Team

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Published on Mar 08 2016

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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