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Reconnect with Old Friends

Spring is a time of rebirth and growth, signaling the end of winter and the oncoming summer season. With the flowers blooming and the weather improving, there is no better time to reconnect with an old friend, and hopefully make some new memories! Call up your old friend and see when they are available for some lovely catching up.

Girls’ Picnic

Green grass and warm breezes recall picnics in the park, and what better way to catch up than by enjoying some simple foods on a checkered blanket! Bring easy finger foods like fresh fruit, cookies, sandwiches, and lemonade to enjoy while reminiscing on the days gone by. Make sure to set up your camera and take plenty of pictures!

Coffee Date

Easy and classic, the coffee date is timeless. It gives you a chance to sit on the patio of your favorite café, enjoying the weather and catching up on all the gossip over a latte or simple cup of black coffee. Treat yourself to a slice of cake or a muffin while reminiscing and people-watching. You deserve it!

Springtime Walk

There is nothing better than a walk in the spring to get fresh air, get your body moving, and spend some good, quality time with old friends. Zip up in your favorite light hoodie and stroll with your best friend, catching up and enjoying the signs of spring. Take a walk to your favorite park or admire the houses in a neighborhood you’ve never been to!

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