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Choosing the Right Rollator

When it comes to choosing the right rollator for you or someone that you love, the number of choices can be overwhelming. What kind of material should it be made of-steel or aluminum? Why choose a rollator over a walker? And what style is right for you? We’ve outlined the most common models so that choosing the right rollator can be easy!

A medical red and black walker with hand brakes.

What’s a rollator?

A rollator works as both a walker and a seat. It has four legs with a wheel at the bottom of each leg, which makes it easier to use than a walker; instead of having to lift the walker every time you walk, you can simply roll it along the ground. Four-leg rollators are very sturdy and the attached seat makes it easy to sit down and rest at any point. Choose a rollator that has easy-squeeze handgrip brakes and storage for personal items so that everything from walking to gardening can be convenient. Plus, all of our rollators fold up for fuss-free transportation in the car or storage in the closet.

Rollators are a great choice for people recovering from an injury, someone who needs to travel, or those who need to be able to take a break while they grocery shop or garden but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a heavy wheelchair.

An older man in a living room, holding on to a blue and black walker with hand brakes.

Standard Rollator

A standard rollator has a basic aluminum construction that’s lightweight enough for everyday movement. It also comes with two storage pouches that can hold wallets, magazines, glasses, and other important items. The wheels work indoors and outdoors, so you can easily transition from moving around the house to strolling outside.

A blue and black walker with hand brakes.

Heavy Duty Rollator

This kind of a heavy duty rollator is a great choice if you want a material more durable than aluminum, for activity or weight reasons. A steel frame is slightly heavier but can endure a little more than a standard rollator.

A young girl with an older woman holding onto a pink and black walker with a zebra print supplies holder.

Posh Rollator

Choose a style with a little more flair! This fun and pink model has a mirror and two zebra-print removable bags. This posh rollator is a great choice if you’re choosing a rollator with style and sass; there’s no reason that walking assistance can’t be fun too!

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It really is surprising how many benefits a Rollator can provide to anyone who uses one regardless of whether or not they have an injury or are just starting to get old. My grandmother has used one for years now simply because it’s getting very difficult for her to walk and she needs to take constant rests when walking for any extended period of time. The whole idea that it is both a walker and a seat in one is just amazing and can be so helpful when a situation really calls for it.

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