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Cozy DIY Fall Décor

A clear glass vase on a mantel filled with mini gourds, and surrounded by other gourds and silk bittersweet vines.

When the weather gets cooler, we love finding ways to fill our home with easy fall decorations, even when we don’t have much extra time on our hands. This DIY fall décor can be made with things around the house, and will make your home look cozy and beautiful!

 Acorn Mason Jar


Have an oak tree in the backyard? Put those acorns to good use by filling a mason or jam jar with about fifteen of them. Then, put a candle or tea light inside. No acorns? Potpourri works just as well! This easy mason jar decoration is great for a dinner table, or a welcoming decoration for a front porch railing.

Leaf Wall Art

You just need leaves and paper to create a cozy fall wall decoration. Tape a fall leaf onto the center of a piece of paper (it can be printer, crafting, or construction paper, or even pages from old books…whatever you have around!). Make five or six of these pieces, and then tape then in a row on a wall as an easy decoration. They can go anywhere—in the living room, kitchen, or bedroom.

Leaf Painting

Leaf Painting Feature

This last DIY decorating idea is so fun and easy that the whole family will want to try. Collect leaves outside—they can be colorful fall leaves or just regular green leaves. Or find outlines of leaves online, print them, and cut them out. Arrange the leaves on a piece of paper and then paint around the outside of them with red, orange, purple, and yellow paint. Get creative! Add dashes, splotches, or crazy colors. When you’re done painting, remove the leaves. The final result will be a true work of art!

 Pumpkin Vase

Pumpkin Vase Feature

Use a pumpkin as a vase to add an easy fall update to a bouquet. Gather flowers from the garden or fake flowers, then carve the pumpkin out and arrange the flowers. Gourds and squash are also great natural vases, all depending on what you have in the house.

Simple Fall Centerpiece

Easy DIY centerpiece idea: Take a large glass vase or pitcher. Put a few tiny pumpkins in it. Go out in the yard and get some twigs, small branches, and/or long pieces of grass. Organize it all in the vase. Beautiful!

Comments (2)

Maryann Nicholson

All the fall things to make and cook. Wonderful


The pumpkin vase is such a cool idea. I cant wait to decorate my vases with Fall colors and pumpkins.

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Published on Aug 21 2015

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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