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Try This Trend: Apple Kitchen Decor

Update the heart of your home with our collection of apple kitchen decor. The perfect mix of rustic country and trendy chic, apples are a great way to add a burst of personality to the kitchen. Apple kitchen decor can be anything: a pan set, a clock, a mat, or even utensil covers. We picked out a few of our favorite items that sport this fun trend–check them out below!

Apple Microwave Pan Set

A 12-piece white microwave pan set with red handles and decorated with three red apples.

Not only is an apple microwave pan set cute, it’s also incredibly useful. We love this model, which is dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. Use the pans for serving at family dinners or holiday parties. Then, store the pan set on open shelving or a rolling cart so they can be admired even when not in use. The best apple kitchen decor is both fun and functional!

Apple Clock

A brushed chrome wall clock with 3D red apples to mark the hours.

Show off your quirky side with an apple clock. Switch it out from your regular clock when fall rolls around, or keep it up all year round for a unique statement piece. It’s a perfect addition to a plain kitchen wall, and a great conversation starter among guests. Plus, if you ever want to switch up the decor, just take the clock off the nail and replace it with something else!

Apple Floor Mat and Apple Sink Mat

A brown and white Corgi dog lying by a personalized door mat with a border of red and white checks and red apples.

It’s temporary, easy as pie, and can change the whole look of the kitchen. Set an apple floor mat by the kitchen door so that dirt doesn’t track inside, or put it in front of the sink for a soft cushion while you wash dishes.

A black sink mat decorated with whole and sliced red apples with green leaves.

Or, try a sink mat and strainer combination with a bright apple pattern. The cushioned mat keeps dishes from chipping, while the built-in strainer makes it easy to fill up the sink while doing dishes. We love these functional, stylish, and temporary touches.

Apple Knobs

Close-up of a hand opening a wood cupboard door with red apple knobs.

While it may sound like more of a commitment, apple cabinet knobs are an easy and adorable update to your kitchen decor. In fact, changing the knobs and handles on your cabinets can make a big statement without any major commitment: simply unscrew your old knobs and screw in the new ones!

More Apple Kitchen Decor Tips

  • Start small: pick one apple kitchen decor piece, like a sink mat or some dishes placed on open shelving, and see how you like the look. Love it a month later? Start building the rest of the apple decor around that piece for a cohesive look.
  • Try to use just one color of apples to tie together the decor. For example, just use red apples or green apples for all your kitchen pieces.
  • Feel free to use the real deal! Apples arranged in a bowl are an easy (and delicious) way to add coziness to a home. Professional stagers use fresh fruit to make a kitchen feel lived-in; steal their trick to make your home look like something out of a catalog.
  • Want to get even more creative with your apple kitchen decor? Cut the tops off of the apples and insert a candle wick into the newly sawed-off flesh to make a sweet-smelling candle. It’s a simple but elegant touch that will have friends and family exclaiming.

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I Order lot of apple decorations from ginnys. Why can’t you fine apple kitchen decor on ginnys website anymore?

how in the world do I order?

Hello Pauline,

You can order on our website: or call us at 1-800-282-3829 to place an order. Happy shopping!

-The Ginny’s Team

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