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Tie the Perfect Bow, Step-by-Step

A red, green, and white plaid ribbon bow tied around a brown leather stool.

Every Christmas, we wrap our gifts and decorate our homes with festive ribbons and bows. But how often do we look at our finished product with real satisfaction? How many times is one loop too long and one loop too short? Or it falls apart before the holiday rolls around?

We were decorating the Ginny’s House and wanted to wrap the kitchen stools in festive Christmas bows. After some research and learning from some of the craftier Ginny’s Team members, we found the easiest method.

To start, pick out a ribbon to match the rest of the decorations or your gift wrap. Ribbon with wire is the easiest  to work with and fluff up later. The tails can always be trimmed if they are too long when you are finished.

Step 1 : Cut a piece of ribbon that is quite a bit longer than what you are going to wrap.

Step 2 : Wrap ribbon (pretty or “right” side out) around the gift or in our case, kitchen stool.

Step 3 : Cross the tails and loop one under the other, pulling it tight. (Just like beginning to tie a shoe).

Step 4 :  
Make a loop out of each tail, one a little longer than the other

Step 5 : Turn the two loops towards each other and cross the longer loop around and through the hole or opening at the bottom to make a knot.

Step 6 :Pull both loops tight

Step 7 : Hold the tails in your palms and pull the loops tight to keep the tails from pulling through the knot.


Step 8 : Fluff the bow loops and trim or curl the tails if they are a bit too long.

Kick back, admire your work and have a Merry Christmas!
Do you have any other tips for making flawless Christmas bows?

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Published on Dec 17 2013

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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