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How to Clean Your Personal Coffee Maker

A black Keurig brand coffee maker, with a bottle of white vinegar and a folded white dish cloth.

Not quite sure how to clean your personal coffee maker? It’s probably time to learn how, based on this unpleasant fact about your coffee maker: According to an NSF study in 2011, the coffee maker is one of the germiest items in your entire house. That’s right: your favorite small appliance can actually be home to lots of mold and bacteria, which is not what we want to think about while enjoying our morning cup of joe. A little bit of daily maintenance and a deep, once-a-month wash can keep your coffee maker clean and germ-free. We’ll walk you through how to clean your personal coffee maker so you won’t be flavoring coffee with anything more than some cream and sugar!

Every Day: To keep scary mold spores from getting comfortable in your single serve coffee maker, replace the water after each use. Standing water can be a hot spot for growing gross bacteria, but changing it out regularly can be enough to keep germs from flourishing. You can also leave the lid of the water tank off after the water has been emptied to let the reservoir dry, and then wipe the machine down when it’s done being used.

Once a Month: To clean your single serve coffee maker, use the same half vinegar and half water formula as a drip coffee maker. Fill the water reservoir with thesolution, and then run two or so cycles with nothing in the K-cup holder so the vinegar can run through the machine. Then, rinse out the vinegar, fill the reservoir with water, and run brewing cycles until all the water is out of the reservoir. That guarantees that all the vinegar will be out of the coffee machine, along with the mineral deposits and bacteria! 

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Sharon Phillips

How do I deep clean my Keriug coffee pot. I have made use of everything this site showed me thank you so much.


Thanks for the wonderful article

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Published on Jan 01 2016

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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