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Brilliant Small Kitchen Storage Solutions

While we all have dreams of big, spacious counters and dozens of huge cabinets, the reality is that most of us don’t have that much kitchen space. These brilliant small kitchen storage solutions allow you to make the most of what you do have. Get savvy with your use of counter space, utilize dead spaces above your oven and sink, and try an island with tons of storage. If you’re getting the most out of your kitchen space, then a small kitchen becomes a big kitchen in no time. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite small kitchen storage solutions!

A red scroll, two-tier corner kitchen shelf with paper towel holder and a drawer for kitchen accessories.

Create vertical space

Why It’s Brilliant: When it comes to kitchen storage, use the same ideas that inspire skyscrapers: if you don’t have the space to spread out, go up instead. Add narrow, two-tiered shelves against the back of your counter tops, or install hanging kitchen storage like spice racks on the walls. Vertical space allows you to add extra storage without sacrificing valuable counter space.

What To Put There: Narrow counter shelves are perfect for spices, sauces, and vitamins; hanging racks work well with those same kitchen basics, plus pots and pans.

A white electric stove with an attached black oven shelf that is holding a white microwave oven.

Utilize “dead zones”

Why It’s Brilliant: The space over your kitchen sink isn’t currently being used by anything. Fill it up with an over-the-sink shelf and instantly create valuable new storage in the center of the kitchen, without sacrificing even an inch of usable space. Same goes for the space above your oven. A storage shelf instantly frees up counters and cabinets.

What To Put There: Put a microwave, cookbook, or even big pots above the oven on a storage shelf. (We love the idea of installing a shelf for pots and bowls with a suspension rod for pans to hang underneath!) Over-the-sink shelves are great for paper towels, sponges, wash cloths, and cups.

A thin red-scrolled, rolling metal pantry that fits in the space between kitchen cupboards and a refrigerator.

Go skinny for a big impact

Why It’s Brilliant: How often do you use the space between, say, your fridge and the wall or counter? How nice would it be to have some open shelving that barely sticks out into your kitchen? Thin wire pantries on wheels roll into nooks and crannies for super savvy storage, making this one of our favorite small kitchen storage solutions.

What To Put There: Rolling pantries are perfect places for pantry food! Think non-perishable items like cereal, soda and peanut butter.

A modern kitchen with a reading black boy on a red chrome stool next to a white island, with his smiling Mom looking on.

Find an island with lots of storage

Why It’s Brilliant: Your kitchen island should do double duty as both extra counter space and extra storage space. A solid block of wood isn’t going to do you any good; make sure your island has shelves and cabinets built in. You can also create your own kitchen island by using a sideboard, which often has shelving in it. (Pro tip: remove any doors to create open shelving. This means you won’t have to worry about opening and closing doors while you’re cooking!)

What To Put There: Cookbooks, bowls and bulkier appliances like waffle makers or sandwich presses.

Fabric storage bins in Ivory and gray heather, next to white shelves and steps.

Love your above kitchen cabinet storage

Why It’s Brilliant: That empty space above your kitchen cabinets doesn’t just have to be filled with dust bunnies. Fill it up with kitchen items that you need to have around, but don’t use that often. We like putting rows of wicker or wire baskets up there and filling them with kitchen tools; baskets make pulling down supplies a little bit easier. Plus, they really help with organization and style!

What To Put There: Try wine bottles, cutting boards, stand mixers  or non-perishable foods you don’t use that often.

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Thank you for the kitchen room saving tips. I have a couple of ideas now that should
Help my tiny apt.size kitchen. I’ll be watching for more tips and especially space saving
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