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Christmas Morning Recipes

Coffee Cake

Your family will light up when they come to the kitchen and smell this truly delicious, frosted coffee cake. This treat can be festive with red, green, and white frosting or great for the rest of the year with plain white frosting!

Mimi’s Monkey Bread

Sweet & sticky pull apart bread with cinnamon sugar and a gooey middle, Mimi’s Monkey Bread makes the perfect Sunday morning breakfast.

Egg and Sausage Breakfast Casserole

This weekend, try an egg and sausage breakfast casserole for a filling brunch! We used a double decker toaster oven for easy baking and clean-up. This casserole includes all the breakfast classics: pork sausage, mushrooms, eggs, shredded cheese, and even cottage cheese! Serve it topped with salsa if you’d like a little extra kick, or a simple fresh fruit salad on the side. If you’re using a 9×13″ pan, double this recipe and feed a crowd. This egg and sausage breakfast casserole will be everyone’s new favorite Sunday treat!

Diane’s Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are a classic treat! Sometimes you might want to jazz up the cinnamon rolls that come frozen from the grocery store. This recipe is the perfect way to doctor up those cinnamon rolls that you might already have sitting in your freezer.

Slow Cooker French Toast Bake

Here at Ginny’s, we love the ease of slow cooker meals, and this slow cooker French toast bake is no exception! This hands-off recipe delivers on delicious flavor and is great at feeding a crowd. We recommend slow cooker French toast bake as the perfect Christmas morning brunch; cook the bread in the slow cooker while everyone opens presents and takes pictures, and then simply take it out of the slow cooker once everyone is ready to chow down!

Maple Bacon Monkey Bread

Maple bacon monkey bread is a great addition to any weekend meal; it’s sure to be a hit at every table! This sticky, delicious brunch staple only requires five easy-to-find ingredients: refrigerated biscuits, maple syrup, butter, brown sugar, and bacon. The bacon bits add a savory, salty, and sweet flavor all at once, while the maple syrup complements it for the perfect breakfast combination. We also love using refrigerated biscuits for this recipe, which cuts baking time down considerably. Feel free to supply your brunch guests with forks and knives, though we believe the best way to eat maple bacon monkey bread is by tearing into it with your fingers!

Skillet Breakfast

If you’re cooking for a holiday crowd, try a skillet breakfast that will start everyone’s day on the right note. Since skillet breakfasts combine so many favorite foods, it’s sure to be an instant hit! Hash browns and sausage are hearty breakfast classics, and peppers add a healthy twist. For extra ease while making this skillet breakfast, try an electric skillet for no-fuss cooking, scrambling, and frying.

Spicy Chorizo Breakfast Scramble

Scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage can get a little boring from time to time. But, we have a great way to spice up breakfast, literally. Chorizo is a spicy sausage used a lot in Mexican dishes. Because of the spices, it has a red tint to it while cooking. Mixed with eggs and cheese, it makes a great breakfast dish that can be served any time of day and is even great wrapped in a flour tortilla! We like to brown the chorizo in an electric skillet for this Chorizo Breakfast Scramble recipe, but you can also use a frying pan or skillet.

Sausage Breakfast Pizza

Meet your new favorite breakfast food: this sausage breakfast pizza, submitted by Allison C., has won over our hearts and our mornings. A crescent roll crust means this pizza is delicious and easy to make; plus, it’s also the perfect dish for the nights when we want breakfast for dinner!

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