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11 New Uses for a Pizza Cutter

A pizza cutter can be one of the most versatile tools in your kitchen. Even though we usually only bring it out when we’re serving pizza, there are many incredible uses for a tool that’s built for clean and easy slicing. We’ve come up with 11 new uses for a pizza cutter that will make cutting food a little bit easier, and your life a little more fun!

A Supreme pizza on a round cutting board, with a pizza cutter cutting a slice.

Cut raw chicken into strips

Don’t wrestle with the perfect positioning of a bulky chef’s knife; the smooth, rolling motion of a pizza cutter makes cutting chicken a breeze!

Create the perfect sandwich

This pizza cutter hack is perfect when the kids come over. It’s never been simpler to cut off crusts and slice sandwiches in halves or fourths!

Divide brownies in a pan evenly

After the brownies have cooled, use a pizza cutter to slice them into even squares.

Prepare flatbread

Instead of struggling with a knife, use a pizza cutter to prepare flatbread for sandwiches or strips.

Cut quesadillas without a stringy mess

Pizza cutters are made to slice through gooey, yummy cheese, allowing you to slice through quesadillas in seconds!

Dice  pancakes for kids

Need to cut pancakes into bite-sized chunks for little ones? A pizza cutter allows you to chop pancakes in just a few quick motions; their breakfast will be warm and easy to eat!

Create perfect lattice pie dough

Your next apple pie will look professional when you use a pizza cutter to form the strips that go on top of the pie.

Chop herbs easily

Just spread the herbs over a cutting board and use this versatile tool to chop them into smaller pieces.

Evenly prepare perfect fudge

Sometimes, competition over the biggest piece of fudge can be fierce. Avoid conflict by using a pizza slicer to evenly cut fudge into perfect pieces.

Shred lettuce for tacos

Cutting lettuce into teeny, tiny, taco-sized pizzas can be difficult; a pizza slicer makes it much easier!

Slice homemade noodles

Cutting homemade noodles into small pieces with this tool can make the process faster; plus, the noodles will come out more even in size.

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I do nearly all of the above with a pizza cutter. I keep 3 at all times and also 3 pair of kitchen scissors. Cant do without.

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