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Four Simple Solutions for a Clutter Free Home

Clutter has a habit of creeping up on us. Our New Year’s resolution is always to declutter our house, and by February, the closets are a mess and we can’t find our favorite pair of shoes. But clutter doesn’t have to control your home anymore. We’ve identified four easy solutions for decluttering your home that will leave it clean, neat, and inviting. Let’s get started!

Tangled chargers for electronics on a desk.

Clutter Hot Spot: Tangled Chargers

The Scene: Fourteen different chargers plugged into one surge protector. Everyone’s phone charger is in knots and impossible to get to. All the wires and extra outlets have made an ugly mess on your bedroom floor or living room table, and you’re at wit’s end.

The Solution:  Invest in a charging table to declutter your electronics: these tables have built-in outlets and are designed to be the main hub for chargers. Charging tables generally have the appearance of a standard table, except for a hidden lid or drawer that has outlets and USB ports hidden inside.

Why We Love It: Any piece of furniture that can do double-duty is a bonus in our busy lives. A charging table seamlessly fits into our daily routines: we can use it at the front door to charge our phones and set down our keys right when we walk in, or next to our favorite chair as we plug in our tablet and use the table to put down a drink.

Try: A Charging Station. Charge up all the devices in your home in no time with this 1 docking station and clean up wire clutter.

A cluttered storage area with garden items, tools, a sled, shoes, a file cabinet, and more.

Clutter Hot Spot: Storage Piles

The Scene: They’re the bane of everyone’s garage and pantry: you just needed somewhere to keep that flower pot. And then those roller skates. And then the toolbox. Now, you have a massive pile of stuff and no idea where to put it. Plus, it’s starting to get hard to even walk through the room, let alone find anything.

The Solution: Try storage racks instead of bulky bookshelves or storage containers that are impossible to dig through. Storage racks are specifically designed to hold basically anything—like sports equipment, garden tools, cleaning supplies, or kitchen items. Clutter free garage, here we come!

Why We Love It: Steel racks banished all our storage woes. They’re versatile enough to be used

anywhere. We set them by the front door for shoes, in the kitchen for pots and pans, and in the garage for flower pots and tools.

Try: Foldable Storage Racks. These steel racks hold up to 280 pounds, wheels make them easy to maneuver, and they even fold flat for easy storage. For example, a 3-Tier Rack could be used for boots and mittens during the winter, and then folded up and put away during the summer months.

Interior of a messy closet with just one rod for hanging clothes, and piles of shoes, purses, and more on the floor.

 Clutter Hot Spot: Clothing Chaos

The Scene: Let’s face it: your closet just isn’t big enough for all the sweaters, blouses, work dresses, casual dresses, bathrobes, sports jerseys, and ten-year-old ponchos in there. Everything is crammed together, it takes five minutes just to find a specific piece of clothing, and you’re starting to keep the door to the bedroom closed when guests come over so no one accidentally sees the chaos.

The Solution: Use basket stands for a convenient and elegant clutter fix. Woven baskets and dark wood frames add a graceful touch to bedrooms, and the stands neatly manage overflowing closets and clothing piles on the floor.

Why We Love It: We never seem to have enough room in our closets, and these basket stands offer a pretty twist on traditional dressers. We especially like how easy the lightweight baskets are to pull in and out.

Try: Curved-Front Basket Stands. These stands come in 3-Basket, 4-Basket, and 6-Basket sets, depending on storage needs. Plus, the antiqued ring pulls and Okoume wood veneer add character to any bedroom.

A cluttered pile of shoes on a closet floor.

 Clutter Hot Spot: Shoe Mountain

The Scene: Studies have shown that women own, on average, 21 pairs of shoes. You probably aren’t surprised—it only takes one look at the scary pile of shoes in the corner to know that things have gotten a little out of hand.

The Solution: Move unwieldy shoe piles into a storage ottoman. This handy storage tool is great for keeping shoes and socks within reach but out of sight, and it doubles as a comfortable seat for bedrooms or near doors.

Why We Love It: Even with the best intentions, our shoes have a tendency to become a mess overnight. That’s why ottomans have become our go-to solution. We keep ours by the front door to make it easy to conveniently store shoes and purses right when we come home–and it’s always nice to have an extra place to sit!

Try: Shoe Storage Racks. They hold dozens of shoes and have a fabric cover if needed.

 With these easy decluttering solutions, your home can stay mess-free and neat for years to come!

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