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Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Four

Heading down Highway 73 in North Carolina, we found a  fun place called “Get Lost Corn Maze.”  But this isn’t just a 7.5 acre maze of corn. There is so much more to do.

DSC_0135Besides the maze, there is a Gigantic Jumpy Pillow (similar to a trampoline), a place for picnics, a straw bale maze, and a corn pit that looks like a sandbox but instead of sand it’s corn!

Get Lost Corn Maze is the perfect place for a fall day of family fun and photo opportunities!

Before traveling to the south we had always heard about how some parts have red dirt. We were lucky enough to find it and see it first hand. How beautiful!? It’s much prettier than Wisconsin’s boring brown dirt.

We also stopped at Carrigan Farms, a pick your own farm. Since we visited in September, there were lots of apples and honey. But at other times of the year, they have strawberries and pumpkins. In the back of the roadside stand, there was a display case of bees, where you could watch them work.


As night fell and we got closer to Asheville, North Carolina, we caught our first glimpse of the mountains.

DSC_0194It was absolutely beautiful with the sunset and a perfect way to end our Saturday of roadside stands, corn mazes, and customer visits.



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