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Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Five

One thing we realized while trekking through the southern states was that since the growing seasons are much longer than home, the farmer’s markets and nurseries are much more diverse and plentiful. Because of the cold and snow in Wisconsin, we can only grow and harvest crops in the spring and summer months (April through October), making our markets much more seasonal.

Before heading through the mountains we stopped at the Asheville Farmer’s Market. There were so many things to see: peaches, peanuts, honey, flowers, greasy beans, and beautiful fall decorations.


Driving through the Appalachian Mountains was dazzling. From the minute we caught our first glimpse on our way into Asheville and all the way through the weaving, winding road it was almost a constant “Oh – Look at That!” or “That is amazing” or “This is absolutely beautiful!”

We saw a white water rafting course, people kayaking, a Ruby Mine, and plenty of beautiful landscape.


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