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Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Eight: Heading Home

A blue and green highway sign saying Welcome To Wisconsin.

We had such a wonderful time touring a few of the southern states, learned a lot about how the South is different from the Midwest, and met some really sweet and inspiring people.

Whether we were able to meet you during the Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013, passed through your hometown, took a trip down a back road in your county, or visited the state you live in – Thank You for letting us visit,  learn about our customers and discover how we can serve them better. For now, we are back in Home Sweet Wisconsin working what we have learned into our business.  And even though we were welcomed with open arms during our trip, we also learned that there really is nothing like the Comfort of Home (even when it’s raining).

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Published on Oct 07 2013

Last Updated on Nov 01 2018

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