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Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013 – Day Six

In order to learn about the south, it helps to learn about the history as well as the people. We stopped in Crossville, Tennessee and toured the Homesteads Tower Museum. This water tower once held the offices were for the Homesteading project during the Great Depression.  We browsed the photos and artifacts and climbed all 96 steps to the top of the tower and enjoyed the beautiful view.

DSC_0373DSC_0381We also bought a few different cookbooks filled with Homesteads family favorite recipes. Laura had tried a few of the recipes and they are fantastic!

Recipe Book cropped
After leaving the museum, we went to Cumberland Mountain State Park. The park was built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and The Works Progress Administration as part of the New Deal initiative. The park as a beautiful bridge, trails and camping.

While in Crossville, we also visited the Art Circle Library and it’s director, Susie. Susie is also a Ginny’s customer.  You can read more about her in the article “Meeting Susie“.

DSC_0474The Art Circle Library is filled with great opportunities for children and adults. From their meeting rooms with author presentations and concerts to their children’s library, there is always something happening. Laura loved the pig on the carousel in the Children’s library.


Around Christmastime, the area madrigal choir sings from the second story and their beautiful sound rings through the entire building.


Although we could have spent all day soaking in the beauty of the Art Circle Library, cuddled up in a chair with a good book, we had to continue on our journey. While visiting the south, we learned about a gorgeous vine called Kudzu. Kudzu was introduced as a form of erosion control and grows quickly, as much as a foot a day.  Since it grows so quickly, it can be pesky. However, on our trip to Nashville, we learned that we were in the area where The Jungle Book was filmed as it looked like a jungle with all of the kudzu.

DSC_0500DSC_0500And with that, we were off to Nashville, the final leg of the Ginny’s Southern Tour 2013.

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