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Introducing the Blue Ribbon Kitchen

Every time a new item arrives in our kitchen, we rigorously test it to make sure it meets our high standards. We spend hours using every function on the new product. For example, we make dozens of pieces of toast on all the different settings of a new toaster; slice and dice fruit and vegetables with a set of knives; and whip up everything from a pot of chili to some delicious buffalo cheese dip with the slow cookers. With every test, we’re making sure that the product does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well! If a product fails to meet our high standards, we don’t include it in our selection. That means all the products we sell meet a certain standard of quality, durability, and ease-of-use.

A blue and white kitchen with Ginny's brand small appliances, a skillet, blueberry muffins, eggs, and a knife set.

However, sometimes products go above and beyond even our rigorous testing requirements. These become our Blue Ribbon Kitchen products: top rated cookware, the best bakeware sets, quality kitchen knives, and even more tools that deliver consistently amazing results in the kitchen at a great value.

What can I expect from a Blue Ribbon Kitchen product?

Blue Ribbon Kitchen products are fan favorites of our testers–they go above and beyond the normal call of duty for toasters, multi cookers, and cookware! A Blue Ribbon Kitchen toaster doesn’t just adequately toast bread; it evenly and perfectly toasts bagels and bread, all while looking good doing it. A Blue Ribbon multi cooker makes its own adjustments while it cooks everything from thick and tart yogurt to creamy oatmeal so that you don’t have to do any work at all. And a Blue Ribbon cast iron skillet fries eggs perfectly, browns chicken breast like a dream, and cleans up easily–all for a reasonable cost! These are the products that our very own testers either own or want to buy themselves, which means they’re also items that you’re sure to love.

How does a product earn a Blue Ribbon?

A product is awarded a Blue Ribbon if it scores a 5 star rating on our product testing sheet. Our testing sheet scores on a variety of categories. After we thoroughly test the product, we write notes on how well the functions performed. Did the toast come out perfectly toasted? Then, we weigh the product against a series of other questions: does it work like it’s supposed to? Is it worth the cost? Is it easy to use and clean? Is it an attractive product? And finally, the most important question–is this product right for the Ginny’s customer? If it scores perfectly on those metrics, it receives a 5/5 score–the highest we have!

Where can I find Blue Ribbon Kitchen products?

You can find our Blue Ribbon Kitchen products in a special section of our website labelled “Blue Ribbon Kitchen.” It’s full of all the kitchen items that have been rated as the best of the best!

About the Ginny’s Test Kitchen

Located in the Ginny’s headquarters, our Test Kitchen is where we make final decisions on our kitchen products. After we select a product that we think will be a great fit in your life, we put the product to the test! By the time we’re done testing the product, we’re familiar with every button, switch, and power setting. That way, we can eliminate any item that doesn’t work like it’s supposed to (like a toaster that only burns toast), isn’t practical (like a pan that can’t fit inside a standard oven), or is too expensive. As we test products, we also come up with delicious new recipes for the blog and the user manual that you can make with the product. Because of the Ginny’s Test Kitchen, you can be assured that our products are high quality and picked specifically for you!

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Everything I got I love thank u

I love Ginny,s !!

I think Ginny offer great value.

I am already a customer of yours. You have not replied back to me yet, why? Call 1-605-221-3399, thanks.

Fill me in on the pictured 4-slice toaster w/controls that you have and price also, thanks.
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