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Valentine’s Day Breakfast in the Rollie


1 Servings


10 minutes

A rolled cooked omelette on a green plate with a fork.

The Rollie Vertical Grill is a great idea. Crack an egg into the aluminum nonstick chamber and as the egg cooks, it will pop up out of the top. The nice red color is perfect for Valentine’s Day, so we thought “Why not?”

Now, we will be the first to admit that we are little unsure of the whole thing at first so we ordered one for the Ginny’s House and just had to try it out. What a pleasant surprise! Many of us thought that since the egg comes out in a tube shape, that the texture would be off or it would taste different. But really, it was awesome and we really enjoyed it!

We cut up green onions, green peppers, red peppers and had crumbled breakfast sausage, bacon, and cheese to add to these omelets in a tube as it cooked. We all took turns making our breakfast in the Rollie, each with a little different mix of ingredients. It’s also nice because you can have a perfectly cooked omelet without flipping or the mess.

The Rollie would be great for making breakfast burritos, too. Just add the tortilla! Clean up was unbelievably easy with the cleaning brush that came in the box and it’s easy to store since it’s not much bigger than a coffee mug. The manual is full of other great recipes and it’d be fun to make up your own too! We can’t wait to try to make a chocolate chip cookie in the Rollie Vertical Grill. What would you like to try?






green onions


green peppers


red peppers


crumbled breakfast sausage




  1. Crack an egg and pour inside the Rollie machine. Add desired ingredients.

  2. Place a wooden skewer in the middle of the egg slot and let the Rollie cook the egg for 6 to 8 minutes. Remove once cooked and enjoy!

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