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Microwave Smores

Stacked S'mores made with Graham crackers, chocolate bar pieces, and marshmallows.

Sometimes a campfire is beyond our reach. For example, sometimes it is winter, or we don’t have any wooden furniture that we can break into pieces for firewood. When this happens, we recommend turning to this microwave s’mores recipe. That way, happiness will be within reach in the form of delicious microwave s’mores.





graham cracker


pieces of Hershey’s chocolate




  1. Break the graham cracker in half. Put two pieces of chocolate on one half and a marshmallow on the other half.

  2. Put the graham cracker with the marshmallow on it in the microwave. Heat for five seconds, wait until the marshmallow deflates, and heat for another five seconds.

  3. Take it out of the microwave, add the chocolate and the other half of the graham cracker on top, and enjoy the deliciousness.

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