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Ice Cream Sundae Recipes

Two children adding toppings to their ice cream sundaes next to an ice cream maker

Ice Cream Sundaes are the perfect way to mix up your regular homemade, or store bought ice cream! The extra toppings you add make your sundae uniquely you, and show what you are feeling! Feeling chocolate? Add all of the chocolate chips and chocolate syrup you want! Maybe you want to have some fresh fruit you just got! Strawberries and Banana make for a classic ice cream sundae!

The combinations of toppings are endless, so sometimes it’s hard to know where to even start! Here are a few Ice Cream Sundae recipes that are Ginny’s team favorites for you to enjoy, or to inspire you to put your own twist on it!

Brownie Sunday

Turtle Sunday

Crispy Marshmallow Sunday

Tootie Fruity Sunday

If you are looking to make your own Ice Cream Sundaes at home, here are some tips we have! Even though store bought ice cream may be easier, homemade ice cream is always great too! Using an ice cream machine means you know all of the ingredients that are being added, and it can make for a great experience! Check out our recipes for homemade strawberry and vanilla ice cream! Teaching your kids or grandkids how to make ice cream is a great memorable experience!

Of course when you make your own, you can add certain ingredients to be mixed into your ice cream, however some ingredients are just better as toppings! Displaying a variety of toppings in a condiment caddy allows for everyone to pick and choose how they want to decorate their ice cream sundae! Whether you are having a family gathering, pool party, trying to beat the summer heat, or even just a movie night in, ice cream sundaes are always a good idea! What do you like to add to your ice cream sundaes? Comment down below to share, we are always looking for new topping combinations!

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