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Chocolate Egg Cream

Four soda fountain glasses filled with a mix of chocolate milk and seltzer water, with green straws.

Fun fact: despite its name, chocolate egg cream contains no eggs or cream. Even more fun? This delicious, chocolately drink only has three basic ingredients and can be made in approximately sixty seconds. We love chocolate egg cream because it’s rich, refreshing, and very easy to make. When warmer weather hits, it’s good to keep a few bottles of seltzer water chilling in the fridge so that you can make a chocolate egg cream whenever the mood strikes!





cups chocolate syrup


oz cold milk


oz chilled seltzer water


  1. Pour your chocolate syrup into a large glass. (For the best results, chill the glass along with the seltzer water before you make the drink.) Then, pour the milk on top of the chocolate syrup and stir it all together until completely mixed–about 30 seconds!

  2. Slowly pour the seltzer into the chocolate-and-milk mixture, stirring constantly. The chocolate egg cream will bubble and foam, so constant stirring is important. Serve immediately and enjoy!

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