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Thanksgiving Activities for Kids

These fun Thanksgiving activities for kids are perfect for keeping the little ones entertained during the holiday. Help them with a pilgrim hat craft before the big day so they’re dressed to impress! Then, during Thanksgiving, set up a pumpkin bowling station and a kids’ Thanksgiving table so the kids are having just as happy as the adults. These Thanksgiving activities might be for kids, but don’t be surprised if adults want to take part in them too!

A simple Pilgrim hat shape made from black paper with a white paper band and a yellow paper buckle.

Pilgrim Hat Craft

A simple pilgrim hat craft is a great way to talk to kids about the first Thanksgiving dinner; plus, then they’ll have something special to wear during the meal!

You’ll Need:
White poster board
Construction paper: one sheet in black, one sheet of yellow, and one sheet of white

The white poster board is going to be a headband to keep the hat firmly on their head. Cut a thick headband that’s just a little bigger than their head when folded in a circle. Then, cut a hat-shape out of the black construction paper. Cut a strip out of the white construction paper that’s about an inch and a half thick and glue it to the front of the hat; trim off any angles so that it matches the shape of the hat.

A simple Pilgrim hat shape made from black paper with a white paper band.

Cut a square out of the yellow construction paper to use as a buckle for the front of hat. Cut the center out of the square and then tape the outline of the square on the white construction paper.

A black paper Pilgrim hat with a white band and a yellow paper buckle, taped onto a band to go around a child's head.

Finally, use tape to attach the hat to the headband. Tape the headband into a circle that fits perfectly on your kid or grandkid’s head. Now they’re perfectly dressed for a Thanksgiving feast!

A simple Pilgrim hat shape made from black paper with a white paper band and a yellow paper buckle.

Turkey Feather Hunt

While the adults mingle and have drinks before the Thanksgiving feast, keep the kids happy with a turkey feather hunt! You just need a bag of colorful feathers from a dollar store. Before everyone arrives, hide all the feathers around the house or yard (depending on the temperature). Depending on the ages of the kids, you can make them easy or hard to find. Once the kids have found all the feathers, you can hide them again for fun that will last for hours!

Kids’ Thanksgiving Table

It can be hard to keep the kids from whining during Thanksgiving dinner; help them stay entertained by providing a crafty kids’ thanksgiving table. All you need is some brown kraft or construction paper, a scissors, and some crayons. Cover the table you plan to use as a kids’ table with the kraft paper or construction paper, and cut the paper to fit. You can even tape it down with masking tape to make sure it stays. Then, just put a cupful of crayons on the table. Kids can come up with their own creative creations through the whole meal!

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Love the turkey feather hunt idea. Will definitely use this for the grands and greats this Thanksgiving. Thank you for this fun idea.

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