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Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Recipes

While most kids will tolerate a little turkey, finding kid friendly Thanksgiving recipes with vegetables can be trickier. Try glazed squash with brown sugar, sweet honey-glazed carrots, or gooey parmesan cauliflower. These sweet, savory takes on vegetables will have picky eaters asking for seconds. Read on for our best kid friendly Thanksgiving recipes!

Close-up of a serving of glazed squash on a red plate.

Glazed squash that tastes like candy

Acorn squash works best for glazed squash; if you can find fresh squash at a farmer’s stand, even better! Slice it up a day before Thanksgiving and store it in the refrigerator to save time on the big day.

Get the Glazed Squash recipe here.

A red and white check bowl filled with Honey Glazed Carrots.

Sweet Honey-Glazed Carrots

Carrots might be the most inoffensive vegetable, and these sweet honey-glazed carrots are certain to be a huge hit at the kids’ table. Chicken broth and honey combine for the perfect mix of sweet and savory.

Get the Sweet Honey-Glazed Carrots recipe here.

Close-up of a serving of Cheesy Cauliflower on a blue plate.

Parmesan Cauliflower

What makes cauliflower delicious for kids? Heavy cream and grated Parmesan topped with fresh breadcrumbs makes this parmesan cauliflower recipe something special!

Get the Parmesan Cauliflower Recipe here.

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