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Ginny’s New Home

Very soon, the Ginny’s Team will be migrating to our very own building. But it won’t be just another office: it will have a kitchen, dining room and living room, too! We’re going to fill it up with Ginny’s products and test out new ones (and sometimes videotape it to give you a sneak peek!). We’re all really excited about this and looking forward to having our own “home away from home.”

Renovations are under way and moving pretty quickly. Our Creative Director, Heidi, snapped a few photos to share with you.

waiting to be painted

Here’s the space waiting to be painted.

another angle

A view from the other direction.


We’ll even have a few windows to let in sunshine!


This is where the kitchen will be. We already have visions of how warm and inviting it will look.

We’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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Please bring back item JM62182 Lift up desk @ $79.95

Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll pass that along to our merchandisers.

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