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Lisa in the Test Kitchen

Meet Lisa! She tests our products in our test kitchen before we put them online and in our catalogs to make sure they meet our tough standards. If a product doesn’t work for Lisa, then it doesn’t work for us, and we’re off to find an appliance or tool that works for your busy life! Lisa also helps write the user manuals for products, which means our manuals are written with you in mind! You can often find Lisa back in the test kitchen, experimenting with new toasters, cutting-edge mixers, or a good old-fashioned whisk. She also comes up with our delicious recipes in the test kitchen, which means you can usually find the rest of us sneaking back there for some samples!

Read on to find out how Lisa tests the products you use everyday, and why it’s so important to her that every product and recipe is made with you in mind!

How does Lisa test products?

Lisa’s goal is to eliminate items that don’t work well, items that aren’t practical, and items that are too pricey—after all, you shouldn’t have to break the bank in order to get high-quality items!

After the Ginny’s team has selected a product that we think is a great fit for you, it’s Lisa’s turn to get familiar with it in the test kitchen. She tries every function—yep, even those buttons that most people never use in their kitchen! She also tries new recipes using the product, sometimes two or three times with adjustments. As she does this, Lisa is taking lots and lots of notes about what works well, what doesn’t, and helpful hints about how to best use the product.

After she’s done testing the product, Lisa creates a user manual for the product using her notes and any notes we have from the vendor. After she’s created a new manual that’s made just for the Ginny’s customer, she goes over the manual with our Quality Assurance team and verifies specifications about the manual and product. From there, the manual is edited and made as useful to you as possible! After the manual is done, Ginny reads through it and gives the final approval.

How does Lisa create recipes in the test kitchen?

Every time Lisa tests a new product in the test kitchen, she comes up with a new recipe that goes both in the user manual and on our blog. That means she’s always drawing inspiration from Ginny’s kitchen products! She believes in recipes that are simple, easy to make, and perfect for your lifestyle and family. From healthy entrees to comforting desserts, our recipes are always made for you!


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