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The Easiest Way to Freeze Soup

Want to freeze soup without any hassle? After all, it can be a pain to pour it into a plastic bag. The soup can spill all over, and it can be difficult to get it out of the bag when it’s time to eat. With fall just around the corner, we wanted to know: what’s the easiest way to freeze our delicious fall soups?

 How to Freeze Soup with No Hassle

The secret? Muffin tins. After you’ve made your favorite soup, ladle it into muffin tins and then pop it in the freezer. Really—it’s that easy! Once the soup is frozen, pop the “muffins” out of the tin and put them in freezer bags. To pop the muffins out, we recommend filling the sink with about a 1/2 inch of hot water. Then, set the muffin tin in the water for about 20 seconds or until the soup muffins spin in their cups.

Freeze Soup Feature

Ready to reheat the frozen soup? Simply take single servings out of the freezer and heat them in the microwave for about two minutes. One muffin cup will be about half a cup of soup, so we recommend reheating two muffins for the perfect bowl of soup!

Microwave Soup

This is a perfect tip  for busy families since the soup is already divided out into serving sizes. Or, reheat lots of “muffins” together to make a big pot for everyone. Freezing soup has never been so fun and fast!

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